THC Tinctures

TreatWell’s THC tincture is made from organically and sun-grown cannabis. We chose to use our TW Royal Kush strain because of its high level of terpenes. This proprietary strain has high levels of b-caryophyllene, nerolidol, humulene, and terpineol. We only use top shelf flower in our proprietary organic ethanol extraction process, which allows us to keeps the high levels of terpenes and plant compounds intact without breaking the bonds, thus ensuring the true entourage effect.

3 Concentrations:

  • 150mg THC in .5oz – 10mg/ml
  • 300mg THC in 1oz – 10mg/ml
  • 900mg THC in 1oz  – 30mg/ml

There are .25mg total cannabinoids per drop in the 150mg and 300mg tincture and there are .75mg total cannabinoids per drop in the 900mg tincture.  There are ~40 individual drops in each ml/dropper.

THC Tincture